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Nov 10, 2012 1:00am PST
a brief powerpoint presentation to go along with our presentation. i will be speaking at the beginning of the presentation and [speaker not understood] from the court will continue and i will close. so, powerpoint. >> so, can we get -- there it goes. >> great, thank you. thank you. there we go. so, before you today is a amendment to the jobs housing linkage ordinance, a program that we actually administer through the mayor's office of housing. so, this is a brief overview of what we will be presenting. i'll provide a brief overview of the ordinance itself. the proposed amendment to the ordinance, patricia will go over the pier 70 development challenges for which the port hopes to apply this particular ordinance change, some of the feasibility and appraisal issues as well as some state legislation that went along with this. and then i will close with next steps and public outreach. so, the jobs housing linkage program essentially imposes fees on the development of most commercial development within san francisco in order to meet the demand for affordable housing produced by the new empl
Nov 15, 2012 5:30pm PST
on track and which and actually i believe every board member'q]%#ñ has that powerpoint. is that correct, dr. shulz? >> yes. >> so every board member has a copy of the powerpoint that was presented at that meeting. >> is that it? okay. thank you. thank you very much. reportp:0/#®z for the augmented curriculum and program committee, november 5, 2012, commissioner fewer. >> commissioner fewer: thank you again, president yee. so we had an update on a through g graduation requirements and were told we have almost 2,000 students that will need intervention and we don't have in he money to do it. also we discussed the parent involvement policy and then we had an update on special education, again on the disproportionality issue. thank you. >> thank you. report from the augmented budget and businesses services committee, november upo 7, repog will be commissioner mendoza mengetsd we scheduled this for election on weather yay or neigh thanayon prop 30. although don't get excited because it only stabilizes us temporarily but at least we'll know what we will be getting for the next several years. so
Nov 1, 2012 6:30pm PDT
's office of housing. we'll provide a brief powerpoint presentation to go along with our presentation. i will be speaking at the beginning of the presentation and [speaker not understood] from the court will continue and i will close. so, powerpoint. >> so, can we get -- there it goes. >> great, thank you.
Nov 26, 2012 12:30pm PST
and they sit and they watch the powerpoint presentation. but we wanted to take that much further. it's much more important to give people the tools of planning, to expose them to what you can do and what you can't do, and not get them lost in ephemeral notions of changing your community in the snap of a finger. planning can do many things. so, we also reached out to the community. we brought task force meetings down into the neighborhood as often as we could. we sat in a night club on 11th street when we launched the whole idea of the social heritage district. we had a four-hour seminar type saturday that was held in the community room at the folsom door apartments where people -- we published a schedule and people that wanted to address various issues like affordable housing, transportation, a whole range of things, could come in and share their thoughts. no top-down sort of presentation. simply come in at a given hour and let's talk about this subject. and most importantly, i would have to really acknowledge the generosity of friends of city planning that we were given a $10,000 grant fro
Nov 1, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >> yes, pardon me while we try to get the powerpoint up here. >> colleagues, i know that we have a number of powerpoints that are in front of us and different materials that were presented to us already. and some maps as well that are done. >> okay, sorry about that. must be a new version of powerpoint. good afternoon, supervisors. i'm ken rich with the office of economic and work force development, and we're here to give you a status report on our ongoing octavia boulevard program. as we all know, not long ago the central freeway, a double decker freeway structure, extended across market street headed north, ending at turk street. the central [speaker not understood] was badly damaged in the earthquake as we all know ands was replaced. eventually the elevated structure was removed and replaced by octavia boulevard. as part that owe of that process, 22 parcels were transferred to the city which was expected to sell for development using the funds in return for a number of uses. and here you see the requirements of the agreement with caltrans, which included a number of obligations. the th
Nov 7, 2012 4:00am PST
? >> technical issues. >> yes. i was just going to load it onto the powerpoint. i apologize it wasn't loaded in advance. >> [speaker not understood]. [laughter] >> mr. chairman, would you like to take public comment? you do have public comment on this matter. all right. keith bollenger followed by mary liz harris, and tony ann. >> good afternoon, mr. bollenger. >>> good afternoon, my name is keith. i'm a native san franciscan. i'm here in capacity as john doe citizen. i'd like to say i'm usually a fierce critic of muni, but along with the njuda express and this proposed expansion of the 76, more power to you. i really like the fact this may be improving that. let me relate there is a hostile on the marin head lands. i happen to be a lifetime member. golden gate transit doesn't go out there during the week. i'm of modest means. i do not own a motor vehicle. so i've got no means of getting out there. i asked the people who workout there, how do you do? we take a bus to the end of the tunnel and hitch hike. no thank you. so, it blows me away the golden gate transit neglects this transit area wi
Nov 6, 2012 9:30am PST
) in part of and deliver... within six months. and so not as a... powerpoint or... actual out come and actual change. and they are... the american people. what we actually did was in the version of a traditional (inaudible) and actually... what we did instead was the ground force from within the government a set of... funded by agencies that did (inaudible) external folks to come in and help. in fact, people competed for the right to pay for both. they were actually going to fund (inaudible). we actually... (inaudible) when we lost the program on may 23rd. and you will hear more about the (inaudible) next. (inaudible) to work with the u.s.... (inaudible) for six months, right? (inaudible) we have massive, massive response. some (inaudible)... who then started their work in july and in august. and they are off to an unbelievable start working with their (inaudible) to do amazing things. (inaudible) one of the primary... (inaudible) is to get your help. because, (inaudible)
Nov 2, 2012 9:30pm PDT
, planning was a top down process where predetermined outcomes were generally packaged into powerpoint presentations and a very perfunctory community process would lead to a quick adoption. south of market and western soma, which is kind of an invention of ours, there wasn't a western soma before this process existed. but south of market is different from all the other eastern neighborhoods in that we underwent the planning process in the '80s, culminating in the adoption of the 1990 south of market plan. it was an experiment in mixed use zoning that hadn't been done before in the city. so, we've been living as a mixed use community for more than 20 years now. we understand it, we like it, but we know its flaws. and, so, when a rezoning process began again which kind of lumped us in with all these other neighborhoods, it wasn't one narrow self-interested group which pushed back against that. it was an entire coalition of stakeholders from south of market. really included the residents and the small business owners, lgbtq and the filipino community, arts, entertainment, community-based
Nov 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
powerpoint. most orphan we're having a dialogue with the community, so. just a little bit about myself. i've been a citizen of san francisco for the past 40 years, and currently my profession has asked me to serve as its representative with the department of labor's revisions and updating of the directory of occupational titles. so, i will represent my profession in training and organization development of that capacity. but the other thing that i have done is i'm also the in-service manager for a group called the community outreach program that's located here in the bay area. this is an example of the team of nine people from the community outreach program who just helped to facilitate a meeting to understand the future of san francisco transit and had a large community group in which we were listening to their input. the community outreach program cop has also facilitated three town halls for japantown as well as other community input meetings. and we were invited to work with the western soma citizens planning task force at a level that i think was outstanding in terms of the work that
Nov 19, 2012 11:00pm PST
is a recognized account. bay area received a copy of the powerpoint presentation. it says the investment is secured. nowhere is your money safer. and guarantees a fixed 10% annual return. >> it has you leading to believe that there is a ponzi scheme here. >> reporter: here's the guy with all of the money. he's a long-time san jose businessman and car dealer. you may remember him from our investigation back in april. >> you know why? you've stolen money from my mother. >> reporter: in that case, our reports exposed him for trying to walk away from $70,000 owed to a customer. >> what did you do with the money? >> it's operating. it got sucked into is a black hole. >> reporter: that continues to be a theme for him and his businesses. do you think he's aware of what he's doing to all these people? >> absolutely. >> reporter: this recently-filed bankruptcy document shows he has a lot of missing money. he's asked a judge to wipe out more than $10 million in debt. it includes nearly $2 million from those used car investors. $600,000 to the irs for employee payroll taxes collected two decades ag
Nov 11, 2012 12:30am PST
to have a brief powerpoint from our city administrator, naomi kelly, who will update us on the life line council. >> good afternoon everyone. i have a hard act to follow, admiral. that was wonderful listen to your stories and dejan and anne and great work and i wanted to update everyone on the life line council and give you a background. in august of 2009 then city administrator edwin lee launched the life line council and recommendation of the 2008 policy paper produced by spur outlining what san francisco had to do to improve the resilience of life line to with stand a earthquake. you can find notes on our website. the life line councilmembers over its three year life the life line council has successfully convened a top level of executives and mutual sharing of plans and projects and priorities much the members are listed here above. as you can see we have many of city and county san francisco agencies from the general agency, real estate, public works, water and power, san francisco public utilities commission, pg&e and comcast and caltrans, bart and other key partners such as f
Nov 12, 2012 3:30pm PST
, while we are setting up we actually have a powerpoint presentation that we are going to project for this and copies are going around for the commissioners and the staff and we also have copies of it available for the public if they would like to pick up copies of it. and we hope that the technology supports us. >> so commissioners this is, as for the last three years we have been in a process of rethinking general education transportation services. and we are in the presentation tonight, going to share what our budget reduction goals are for the 2013-14 school year. and go over what the approach for developing recommendations for year 3 of changes, and then going into a description of what those recommendations are. the impact of the changes, and an overview of the next steps and the description of some alternatives to yellow bus transportation. in the appendix, just for context, this is an overview of the board's policy guidelines and an overview of the general education transportation services currently available and a summary of the changes that have taken place over the last
Nov 16, 2012 5:30am PST
and education. i started my career at the zoo in 1980. >> powerpoint. there you sgo. >> 1980 as an education specialist, now i'm the vp of conservation and education. the mission of the san francisco zoo, one is to connect our families and children, most importantly, to nature and, of course, animals. i just want to point out the friends family in 1980 thought that was so important they helped transform a tired old playground in 1980s. they will help us today with this new project. the structures are typical from the 80s. very standard. go ahead. they were replacing old metal and cement structures. that was the design standards for the 80s also, somewhat metal and woods were brought in. but very kind of stark in nature. this last image is disturbing. this is not enough for our children. they deserve more. the next slide you will see is going to show you the images of what is possible. the design is play based experiences that led to inspiration, exploration and education. it allows children and parents of all abilities to enjoy the many activities, forms and colors, connected them to nature
Nov 16, 2012 1:30pm PST
of the backgrounds. the tool is - a little fuzzy on the powerpoint, what you can do with the tool, gives you the 64 billion that we have, you can go through and select the different levels of maintenance, levels of program support, and also the different projects that you feel should be incorporated. we will give you feedback on where you are in using your budget, and we have the revenue option. if you support the revenue to get more of the things you want, using the vision scenario, we that option. the tools available for the end of november. i want to say and i apologize we have been working to make sure this tool is fully accessible. we actually had work to make sure that is usable with a screen reader initially but we heard recently that some people are having issues using the tool. we are looking into that and seeing what we can do to make sure that everyone is able to use the tool. in the interim i want to emphasize that folks can definitely give us a call. we will help you - you can still read everything in there so you can get the information bu
Nov 16, 2012 4:30pm PST
>> and you can see it here? >> she actually has a powerpoint. >> i am sorry. >> i could try to... >> point it at the screen. >> so i will just mention that the department does implement capital projects in natural areas. as we do capital improvements to projects city-wide. the natural areas, program is a management program, a 20-year management program for how we manage certain land scapes and so some of this work is in the edge of the natural areas, but it is separate as discussed in the environmental evaluation provided. >> i think something was put on the overhead for you. >> it does fall within the natural areas program. >> how many of the proposed tree removals are in that area of the 58? >> i could... i would have to make a quick count. but... that is where two of them fell recently, this is an image of that area. i could try to do that and then come back up. >> so all of the green dots in that natural sort of area just directly it looks like the vast majority are coming out of that area? >> no. >> because they are new. >> the green ones are new, the red ones are removed. i would hav
Nov 18, 2012 12:00am PST
to start the powerpoint presentation? >> sorry for the short delay. so i will start verbally and the slides can catch up. essentially there are a couple of transmission lines that come up from the peninsula through the po tearo power plant and connect to the embarcadero substation that provide power to downtown. at&t has proposed a new 230kv transmission line to provide redundant transmission line to the embarcadero sub station. at&t and port staff have collectively communicated with the mayor's office, the san francisco public utilities commission and the city administrator about the project. the city administrator was charged by then city administrator ed lee to look at these types of risks to the city in the event of a major seismic event and how we protect against them and weighed in favor of the project. at&t is looking at a number of proposed route s. one proposed route if approved by the california public utilities commission would involve submerged port property. this is a map showing the potential routes between portero substation and embarcadero substation. you see the submerg
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 134 (some duplicates have been removed)